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The innate passion for handmade products is the reason why Invisible Touch was born. To understand our journey, you need to take a joyride on Time-machine. Let’s go!

One fine night, the founder of Invisible Touch start to think about the present fashion scenarios. People have barely time to think about what they wearing, what materials was used for production of their clothes and what consequences will be for the climate. They’re wearing fast fashion clothes without thinking about the effects on their skin and general for their health. She started to think that changes should start first from yourself and she decided to do first step by rejecting fast fashion clothes for her.

Meanwhile, she was looking for a scarf, but barely could find something that contained natural material and was in unique classic design she was looking for. At that moment, she realized that she could try to sew scarf as she wants by herself as she had sewing practice. Her effort was lauded by her near and dear ones. Then, a thought suddenly struck to her head why not start the same for mankind and in this way, educate people about clothing issue in fast fashion? And that is the story of how Invisible Touch was born. All that started from a one woollen scarf is now translated into several handmade products categories made by talented local artisans. Now we cater to our customers all around the world with a wide smile on their faces.  

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