Top 5 Tips to buy a Cotton Beanie Hat this Summer

Summer is already there, and you’re looking for something comfy yet fashionable. A cotton beanie hat may be perfect, which flatters from every angle. However, getting a cotton beanie hat to fit perfectly could be tricky because the size of a human head is not the same. 

Beanie hats are the most popular hats which can be worn irrespective of the season. However, cotton beanies are there to give you the ultimate comfort. You just need to choose the perfect one according to your head size. Be it buying from an online or brick-a-mortar store. These simple steps would help you to choose your perfect beanie hat. 

Why cotton beanie hats for summer? 

  • As the material is cotton, expect standout style and flawless fit
  • A beanie hat has a droop in the back, allowing for air ventilation. 
  • Material is extendable. 
  • Can be used for soaking sweat in summer

1. Measure your head 

Take a measuring tape and place the same on the brow line. In turn, you can determine the circumference of your head. Now, wrap the tape around your head, covering the cerebellum. It will help you to establish the size of your head. 

2. Check the customer reviews 

Irrespective of buying things from an online or a brick-and-mortar store, consumers’ psych leads them to check the product background, including the previous customer reviews. On that note, you can now have more advanced information regarding the cotton beanie you will buy. 

While buying a cotton beanie hat from an online store, you can check for positive reviews. If it talks about no sizing concerns, you can buy the hat without a second thought. This is a useful method to eliminate buyer’s remorse

3. Oversized beanies vs. stretchy ones 

A cotton beanie hat with an unsurpassed fit could light up your look. An oversized beanie can forego the thermal benefits. On the other hand, stretchy beanies could provide a good fit irrespective of the head size. However, excessive stretching may cause unnecessary wear and tear. 

4. Check the stitches 

Stitches are essential in order to determine whether they will allow for more stretch or not. While buying any cotton beanie hats, make sure you’re checking the hat’s stitches. It could be tight or loose based on the type of hat. 

5. Read the maintenance tips 

If you’re not aware of the maintenance part, you may have an unpleasant experience in the first place. Check the instructions to prevent any shrinkage, which results in a proper fit. To dry the fabrics, hand-washing is preferred instead of machine washing. 

The bottom line

Woo, you just learned how to buy the cotton beanies and what things you should check while buying. You can continue your reading journey by learning the types of beanie hats for men or why beanie hats are popular. The choice is yours. 

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