Now get ready for the office in just 15min.: 8 Exclusive tips from the experts

Imagine you wake up each morning after the ringing of a soothing alarm tone while the perfect soft lighting from the window streaming on your face. You blink sleepily with entangled hair, waiting for the refreshing morning tea.

This is not the everyday morning scenario in real life. You need to rise and shine, but you’re still hitting the snooze button of your phone alarm. Stress lets you lay on the bed for a while. Your boss keeps calling you while sending notifications for the subsequent work.

Seems not immaculate?

Alright, you don’t need to get worried. We’re here to give you exclusive tips to keep you sorted every morning. Yes, you can finish the necessary chores within time without getting to your office.

1. Get up early

Set up an alarm half an hour prior before your scheduled tasks. For example, if you need to help your kids to school at 7.00 am, set your alarm to 6.30. Doing the same will lead you to get yourself ready without leaving the tasks undone.

2. Plan your outfit for the next day

Getting ready in the morning may be challenging for you if you have to decide the same instantly. As you don’t have enough time, you need to have these things sorted. You can pre-plan the outfit, which may include formal trousers, shirts, a summer scarf, and last but not least, shoes. Make life simple and choose the dress or scarf the night before. It may sound like school the following day when your mom prepared everything. Yes, the same trick that works here too!

3. keep a backup outfit

Imagine the dress you’ve chosen the previous night isn’t working well in the morning. Meanwhile, you receive the call from your boss to enter the office within 1 hour as there is an important meeting scheduled already.

Keep an extra outfit to avoid such situations and prepare to face the new challenges for the day.

4. Refrain from constantly checking your phone involuntary

Are you a frequent notification checker? Well, you need to say a big “No” during office time. However, you can check it during the traveling time or the first break once you start the working hour. You can still react to the memes or share them on your timeline.

5. Sort out your makeup

After a day’s toil, you want to leap to the world of sleep. However, you can keep the makeup things in order, including your face powder, mascara, sunscreen lotion, etc. Untangle the hair dryer, and keep the brush clean to start your morning tasks faster.

6. Get ready your breakfast

When we’re talking about breakfast, we also mean it to be healthy and delicious. Cut the new bread packet the night before and hard boil some eggs. Keep the same in the fridge. You can also pack your           lunch the night before. Doing these things will keep you relaxed during peak hours.

7. Keep essentials in one place

From your laptop bag to the wallet, keys, and coat, keep all these things in one spot so that      you can pick it up without getting panicked.

8. Set tasks reminders

There can be some tasks that need to be completed Such a task      note you can set as      a reminder on your phone. Ensure that the reminder pops up in the morning. Otherwise, you will end up stressed.


These simple tips can make your life easier. Face your boss with a broad smile and encourage the other team members to perform at their best. Yes, that’s the mental peace you’ll get from sorting up your work in the morning.

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