Reasons to wash your brand-new clothes before wearing them – straight from the experts (Plus how to wash your new clothes)

Getting ready wearing your brand-new red T-shirt, heeled boots, a skinny fit blazer, and impressive-looking trousers may be perfect for a black-tie party. The clashing colors are ready to get attention from every perspective.

However, have you questioned yourself to wash or not your brand-new dresses before you wear them for the first time? You may say the pieces are new, and why should I wash them? In reality, the picture is different.

According to dermatologists, you should wash your new clothes before wearing them. Keep reading the article to know more.

What do your brand-new clothes contain?

You may be swayed away by the colors, wrinkle-free and stain-resistant things. However, the chemicals may be extremely harsh on your skin. The textile manufacturers use dispersal dyes, finishing resins, and formaldehyde, making the clothes look superb and long-lasting. According to a study, these compounds and chemicals may be present on your clothing item when you take the same on your home.

These substances may lead to skin irritation, and red and itchy dry patches. It can even cause an allergic reaction that is similar to poison ivy. These types of symptoms can occur within hours or a few days. Dermatologists termed this situation textile contact dermatitis. Washing new clothes can reduce the probability while reducing your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

1. Presence of skin irritants 

Washing your new cloth will help remove the stain repellents, anti-wrinkle agents, softness enhancers, color fasteners, etc. which may irritate the skin. Some companies use urea-formaldehyde to enhance the texture of the fabrics and reduce wrinkles in clothing. If you have sensitive skin, these substances could irritate your skin. However, washing the brand-new clothes will help to eliminate all these things. The detergent powder forms a chemical reaction to kill the harmful components. Thus, you’re almost saved from these skin irritations and related things once the new clothes are washed.

2. Factory of pathogens and germs 

Paul has bought a red beanie hat from retail store and cotton scarf from an online store. Without washing it he had worn it. After some time, he felt itching and red bumps appeared on his neck area. Paul got petrified, and soon he contacted a dermatologist. Till now, you can also guess the reason for this occurrence. Yes, Paul’s new clothes gave him trouble because he didn’t wash after he bought them.

Once the clothes have been made in the factory, they get packed and sent from one place to another using various transport modes. You don’t know exactly how the clothes were made and preserved. It might have contact with germs and pathogens. The naked eye cannot see it. Therefore, it’s better to clean your clothes for your own safety.

3.Other people have already measuring the clothes 

In stores (people can avail the option “try and buy.” It helps them to check whether the chosen one fits perfectly or not. When people try the clothes, dead skin and germs can be transferred to the new clothes. It may come into contact with your skin while you wear them. It may lead to dermatitis, redness, and itching.

How to wash your brand-new clothes

As we’ve already told you that washing new clothes is the easiest way to eliminate chemicals and germs, many people may follow this advice. Therefore, we would disclose a few steps to wash your new clothes:

  1. First and foremost, remove all the tags.
  2. Turn the clothing inside out.
  3. Choose similar color clothing as the dyes are likely to come in the first wash.
  4. Check the label to see washing care instructions.
  5. You can either hand wash or machine wash as per directions.
  6. To remove chemical residue from the clothes, add baking soda to the rinse cycle.


Final words

We know that you’re eagerly waiting to wear your new cotton scarf or lightweight wool coat. However, you need to keep in mind the points discussed above. To keep yourself and your family safe and healthy, you should follow the above-mentioned things. Stay healthy and stylish at the same time!

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