Ways to wear your summer scarves to look stunning

Are you bored with your old t-shirts? 

Looking for something new that will be both comfy and fashionable? 

A scarf could be the answer. But, a scarf in summer? Well, it may sound ridiculous at first. However, a cotton scarf can steal the show. As the weather will get heated gradually, a cotton scarf would be the best option to have remarkable comfort and feel stylish at the same time.   

There are many clothes which will give an unsurpassed fit in summer. Such clothes usually are made from lighter-weight fabrics but have warmer color pallets. On that note, a craftily tied scarf could give a simple outfit and brand-new look. If you want to inject some color gamut into your outfit, a summer scarf would be the right fit. 

If you are unsure how to style your scarf, we are here to help you. 

1. Hanging it around the neck 

A cotton scarf could add a polished finishing touch to your regular outfit. Just drape a lean and long scarf around your neck, leaving it open purposely. Wear it in a way so that it hangs casually on the sides. It is unnecessary to be uniform in length if you’re wearing a casual outfit. 

Try it with a fresh pair of t-shirts and light blue or white jeans. Breezy colors will set the right tone for the season, while the light color  jeans will give an unsurpassed fit. You can buy a cotton scarf from an online store. There are several online stores where you will get the best collection according to your choice. 

2. Make beautiful hair accessories

Do you know that scarves can serve as makeshift hair accessories? Yes, you hear it right. A bad day for your hair ? Hide them under a cotton scarf which is the perfect anecdote for unruly hairs. If you want to tie a scarf in several ways, a large square scarf would fit you best. On the other hand, a rectangular scarf could be a chic choice if you prefer some extra material that will hang from your hair as a nice accessory. 

Choose a scarf that will contrast your solid cotton summer dress. For example, if you wear a printed dress, choose a single color from that design and wear a scarf accordingly. However, you can also mix the outfit according to the look you feel that day.. 

3.Under a suit jacket 

What could be the easiest way to wear a summer scarf than this? Just drape a scarf around your neck and under the suit jacket as well. The color and pattern would lift your dressing sense, perfect for a night out on the town or a black-tie party. 

4.Tie it like a belt 

Do you need something on top for your favorite outfit? Take your cotton scarf and thread it with the loops of your jeans. Likewise, oversized dresses could be managed with a cotton scarf around your waist. You can tie the same at the back or front based on the type and appearance of the outfit.

5. Wear it like a top 

There are endless opportunities when it comes to wearing a scarf as a top. You can tie it in the front or shoulder. You could even go for a strapless look. If you have recently bought a cotton scarf from an online store, this look could be worthy, that flatters from every angle. 

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