Learn the effective health benefits of wool in the next 120 seconds

Wool has gained appreciation all over the world due to its various benefits. Not only has its warmth melted the hearts of people, but the other traits like softness, warmth, sustainability, environmentally friendly, breathable compelled people to choose wool over other materials. 

To be precise, wool is a natural material with particularly healthy properties. . In this blog you will learn about the remarkable health benefits of wool. A textile superhero that has legions of fans all over. 


1. Banish dust mites

Dust mites may flare up allergies, which can trigger asthma. However, dust mites and wool fibers don’t go hand to hand. Wool fibers contain microscopic pores that respond to the environment’s moisture. Wool fibers keep them dry when the humidity rises. Dust mites need a damp environment to survive, and wool fibers don’t give that opportunity. According to a buyer from the USA, “I have recently bought a wool blanket from an online store. Initially, I cover the same with a wrapper to protect the same from dust. However, after a few days, I realized that wool fibers don’t allow dust mites. Now, I keep it open when it is not in use.” 


2. Regulates the body temperature

Who does not like the warmth of a woolen blanket on a chilly winter evening? Consequently, it can keep your body cool too when it is needed. This fascinating fiber absorbs the sweat when it’s hot, cooling down your body temperature. Keeping the temperature regulated will help to eliminate illness and improve the quality of sleep too. 


3. Resistant mold and bacteria

Wool contains a high amount of lanolin, which keeps mold and bacteria at bay. Due to these antibacterial properties, wool is odor resistant. It is perfect for slippers, socks, and bedding. 

4. Can reduce fibromyalgia symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a painful state which affects one’s soft tissue and muscles. Apart from muscle pain, there are other symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, depression, and headache. Experts say that soft wool blankets and beddings can alleviate chronic pain. 


5. May ease bedsore symptoms

A bedsore is a painful condition caused by consistent pressure on a specific point. Mainly, bed-ridden people suffer from this condition. Wool could be a preventative solution. It allows air to circulate freely around the pressure points, absorbing perspiration simultaneously. 


6. Helps to purify the air

Eating healthy and taking enough rest is not enough to stay healthy. The air pollutants fact is undeniable, which directly affects our health. Wool can absorb harmful pollutants and allergens from the air and doesn’t remit the same. For this reason, most people choose wool for home décor, bedding, and as clothes material.

Wrapping it up

Woo, you just learned about the health benefits of wool. It’s a perfect start to start living healthier You can continue your journey by learning reasons to choose handmade wool products. The choice is yours!

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