Wear your scarf in the way to look more luxe: Simple ways you maybe didn’t know before

A scarf is the most versatile garment which flatters from every angle. It may be a simple scarf worn around the neck, but it is easy to go with it from the office style to after-hours evening style. Most millennials and Gen Z spices up simple outfits in an attractive way with a scarf. 

To be precise, scarves can amp up your look in the easiest way. From turning them into a hood to wear them like a headband, there are multiple ways you can wear the same scarf. Today, we will share a few tips on how to wear scarves comfortably and in a fashionable way. 

Wear it like neck wrap

Irrespective of your outfit, you can wear a scarf to show off your sophisticated, unique style. Pick a square scarf and fold the same diagonally. By holding it below your neck, take both the ends back and wrap it around your neck. Now, you need to tuck all the loose ends under your scarf, and you are ready to go.

Anxious about where to get this kind of scarves? You can buy scarves from an online store anytime, sitting comfortably on your couch.

Replace your necklace with a scarf

You may want to wear some accessories when you are going out. However, you can experiment with the scarf as a neck accessory.

You can wrap the scarf around the neck and tie a half knot. Once it is done, take one end and loop it around the other side. Again, finish it with a knot. Repeat the same way on the other side. 

A bandeau top 

With a scarf, you can make your own bandeau top. You need to wrap the scarf around your chest and tie the two corners into a half knot.

Now, pull the same against your chest. Allow the ends to hang down. This will give the feel of a jacket/shrug. A very chic style you can adorn.  

Belt up your scarf 

Do you want to elevate your simple outfit? Just take a scarf and wrap the same around the neck by bringing the two ends on your chest. Now, tie a belt around your waist. Make sure it is placed above the scarf. 

Connect it with a bangle

You can light up your look with a scarf. It’s that easy with a bangle. Wrap your scarf around the shoulders and let the two ends pass through a bangle. It will create a state-of-the-art look that will mesmerize the people around you. There are plenty of scarves for women available in online stores. You can take inspiration from there to style and look like a diva. 

Wear it as a hood 

If you want to protect your hair from the sun or wind, you can use the scarf as a hood. It is the ideal garment whatever you wear wherever you go. Wearing a scarf as a hood will not only protect your hair but also make you feel stylish as you can wear it in different ways, which you can’t have with regular hats. Therefore, you are all set up to be stylish and protect your hair from unpleasant weather conditions. Isn’t that great? 

The bottom line

There is no doubt that a scarf is a garment that you can’t “live” without, adding a pop of pretty colour and standout style. Most of the fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts are raving about the same. What are your thoughts?  


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